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Today's Business Need

Your ability to adapt and improve through effective change is key to success. If you are not satisfied with your company leadership performance, problem solving results, change is essential to achieving new heights.

Profit Through Change outlines a framework for any executive asking the question “How do I improve my company’s performance?” Industry professionals Karl Eberle and Manny Barriger teamed up to help business executives understand their company’s current position then determine how to get to the level that will drive profitability.

If you’ve ever wondered how to implement changes that will impact your company’s culture and bottom line, Profit Through Change is for you.



What People Are Saying?

 "Profit Through Change" has earned endorsements from a broad range of people, from Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II to Miami Dolphins receiver Dr. Duan Hanks. Terry Gillespie, blues musician and friend of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, has also weighed in on the book's merits. 


Executive Assessment

We are passionate about change and helping our customers.  Our experience has proven that the best way to begin the dialogue when a client recognizes they need help is to offer a free consultation, with a next step of executive assessment which begins with company leadership defining what areas are critical to understand and measure to bring their business measurement to world class.   

The assessment is fast and accurate with a style that is not invasive and by the following week you will have answers brought to you in a professional review outlining what was discovered.

About our team

Karl Eberle Co-Founder


Karl Eberle is a veteran of the manufacturing industry with proven results in delivering profitable and effective leadership strategies.  He was a Senior VP of Global Manufacturing at Harley Davidson Motor Company, and a division manager at John Deere.  For the past seven years, Karl has worked as trusted multi-industry top consultant, helping companies improve there overall effectiveness.  His work with leadership led to him founding


The Eberle Companies

The TECS corporation understands what makes organizations world class. Our cross-functional team of business professionals brings complementary and synergistic strengths to your business. Together we help you uncover what’s holding your company back, and support you through needed change. 

TECS Companies

Our Leadership Team


Best selling co-authors Karl and Manny collaborated to write 'Profit through Change' it is applicable for business leaders that recognize the need to improve profitability through both world class systems and effective leadership.

Manny Barriger Co-Founder


  Manny Barriger is a renowned subject matter expert in Operational Excellence who's worked as a premier consultant in a variety of industries delivering efficient and profitable results to everything from the financial industry, top consultancies, manufacturing, oil and gas, medical, and top motorcycle including automotive companies. He combines expert knowledge with hands-on problem-solving experience to lead companies in strategic success. His work with the world best problem solvers led him to found 


Rent-A-Blackbelt ®

Business Improvement Professional®

Profit through Change ®


These companies offer a new way to look at both Leadership and Problem solving.

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